Welcome to Our New Faculty and Staff

Posted: Monday, August 18th 2014 at 3:29 PM

The new members of the FCB team for fall 2014 were recognized by Dean Van Slyke at the start of the semester faculty and staff meeting. We welcome all to the FCB.

In the photo above, from left to right (back to front) are:

Scott Hoefle
Instructor of Management

Jenny Buckinghorse
Program Coordinator, Business Graduate Programs

Stephen Wright
Associate Dean and Professor of Politics and International Affairs

James Schlittenhart
Business Manager, Sr.

Lindsey Johnson
Accounting Assistant, Sr.

James Hilliard
Assistant Professor of Finance

Wanda M. Costen
Executive Director, SHRM and Associate Professor

David Weber
Lecturer of CIS

Ryan Andrew Fitch
Instructor of Economics

Nancy Baca
Instructor of Economics

Angela Milkie
Academic Advisor, Sr., Office of Academic Services

Tom Cheng (not in photo)
Entrepreneur in Residence
Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center

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