Video production workshop brings International students to NAU

Posted: Wednesday, April 8th 2015 at 3:26 AM

By Sophia Nitti, Student Writer

As the spring semester winds down, Electronic Media and Film professor Paul Helford is preparing for 60 students from NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Holland to come to Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication (COM) for a three week workshop. The students arrive in Phoenix on May 22, 2015 and will be able to experience much of what Northern Arizona has to offer.

This International outreach began in 2004, bringing students from NHTV Breda to NAU to earn credit for their program, Media and Entertainment Management. Helford is the producer and executive director of the program and created the workshop criteria with the help of his colleague Brandon Neuman. Students learn to produce, edit, direct, and shoot with ‘American style’ during the three week course.

The students are divided into three groups and then into four teams within each group. They are taken on field trips to Oak Creek Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. Helford explained:

“Each group comes up with a different theme relating to Northern Arizona [for example] wildlife, Native Americans, or tourism. The students travel all over Northern Arizona to shoot their stories.”

The students are required to take three classes while here: Field Production and Editing; Announcing and Writing; and Studio Production. They handle everything about their stories and often spend long nights in the television studio editing and working on their pieces. COM students who are Electronic Media and Film majors are hired for the workshop to help assist the NHTV Breda students when needed.

During their last week here, the participants organize their stories, usually ranging from 3-4 minutes each, and produce a 20-minute show. Each ‘show’ is turned into one final presentation showcasing the students’ work and what they have created during their time at NAU.

This workshop has been very successful and popular with the NHTV Breda students and in this way NAU is able to provide education and create experiences for students across the globe.

Helford shared, “I’ve been told many times that the students in their last year at the University are interviewed about their experience at NHTV and the ‘Flagstaff Experience’ (as they call it) is always the most memorable thing they do in their college career.”

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