Vault is Now Open to All FCB Business, SHRM, and MBA Students

Posted: Tuesday, September 23rd 2014 at 7:15 AM

The FCB Career Development Office (CDO) has now opened Vault access to all FCB Business, SHRM, and MBA students! Login HERE through your LOUIE login.

As an online reference, students can use Vault for help with their search for an internship, their entire job placement, and their career preparation needs whenever and wherever they want. They can create a profile much like LinkedIn and upload a resume as well.

Features include:

  • Company rankings by industry
  • Job and internship postings
  • Graduate school reviews and rankings
  • Day in the Life articles
  • Career advice

To Login:
1) Visit:
2) Sign in with your NAU login and password
3) Create your profile and search for jobs!

The CDO also has several guides in their office that are similar to the 2015 Banking Rankings (HERE).  For example, they have “The Vault Guide to Investment Management” and “The Top 50 Accounting Firms.” Stop by the CDO, Room 108 of the FCB-Building 81, if you would like to take a look at these.

Find out more about Vault and Campus Insider HERE.

Find out more about Vault coming to SHRM HERE.

More about Vault

Vault is the most comprehensive resource for employer, university and internship program rankings (e.g., their September 2014 release of their 2015 Banking Rankings HERE), ratings, and insight. Vault's influential rankings and reviews are sourced from directed surveys of professionals and students; and evaluate companies, schools, and internships in terms of prestige, best place to work, diversity, quality of life, compensation, and other categories.

Vault provides users with in-depth information on employers, industries, interviews, and available jobs and internships. In addition, Vault partners with employers to help build their brands and assist with recruiting efforts; and with universities to help their students with employment placement and career selection.

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