Unconventional Conversational Spanish Class Coming to HRM Classrooms

Posted: Monday, March 5th 2018 at 9:32 AM

The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is bringing back the outstanding class, Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Professionals, or SPA 199. This class will prepare students in all facets of the hospitality industry by providing the students with the basic communication skills needed in the ever diversifying industry.

After taking Spanish 101, students can enroll in the Spanish for Hospitality Professionals class to fulfill their modern language requirements!

Communicating in multiple languages is important more now than ever. Not only does it help students understand their employees and serve their customers better, it also gives students an edge over the competition for job opportunities.

With enrollment for next year already here students in HRM should be on the lookout for this new class! Sign up for SPA 199 today!