The Queer and Allied Professional Leadership Council Looks to Diversify FCB

Posted: Monday, November 27th 2017 at 4:41 AM

A new club has emerged from FCB: The Queer and Allied Professional Leadership Council. The club aims to include students from all backgrounds in a discussion-based and service-oriented community within the college of business.

Joseph Ukockis, academic advisor, realized there were not many clubs in the college that allowed members of the LGBTQ community to get involved with students in their majors. Ukockis, who started as advisor in summer 2016, wanted to advance the college’s mission for diversity by increasing the opportunities for these students. The Council is here to do exactly that.

A small group of motivated students helped get the club up-and-running and have the similar goal of making the community in FCB more inclusive. “It can be pretty isolating,” explained Ukockis. “A lot of students couldn’t make it to the meetings for other clubs such as PRISM...having this in FCB is convenient for students.”

The club is looking to pair with Inclusion and Multicultural Services (IMSS) to volunteer at events that are LGBT-oriented. They have also reached out to IMSS for more opportunities for service. The club will be working in the college, but wants to branch out and find more ways to feel a part of the university as a whole.

“I didn't have many ideas coming into this, but [the students] are all very motivated and came with great ideas,” shared Ukockis.

The council includes students from different backgrounds, as well as different areas of study within business. “Connecting to people in the same boat that are working towards the same career path is really good for students,” stated Ukockis.

The students are always looking to recruit new members who are interested in leadership positions and taking an active role in the school and community. Ukockis says the club honors confidentiality needs and simply wants students to feel included with new opportunities to grow.

Learn more about the Queer and Allied Professional Leadership Council HERE.

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