The Fireplace Room Gets a Makeover and a New Name

Posted: Tuesday, December 5th 2017 at 12:39 PM

The Fireplace Room in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management has been named and will accommodate the ever-changing needs of students. Choice Hotels has generously made a gift to support the multi-purpose room, bringing in new technology for both students and faculty.

The room is now the Choice Hotels International Professional Development Lounge. The room now features a large screen that is designed for teleconferencing. This allows SHRM to host virtual Pathways with industry professionals from across the world. The first virtual Pathway was conducted with MGM-Mirage, and provided students the opportunity to learn about the vast possibilities in this leading hospitality organization.

The gift also brought in new Skype carts equipped with cameras and speakers to allow faculty to use these in their classrooms. Faculty can use this technology to bring industry executives  into their classrooms more often. This exciting Choice investment is an opportunity for students to learn from inspirational leaders during class time.

Dr. Wanda Costen, SHRM executive director, is excited for these advancements to take place, and to see how professors and students will utilize the new technology. She is most excited about the opportunities students will have by having conversations with industry leaders in classrooms. “They can meet a new executive every week!” she shared.

There are plans to add an iPad mini bar in the lounge to allow students to conduct mock interviews, and watch the playback to enhance their interviewing skills. Every update to the lounge is aimed at professional development, and should be completed by next semester. An official ribbon cutting is on the horizon for Spring 2018.

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