Students Participate in Renown Dale Carnegie Training

Posted: Wednesday, December 7th 2016 at 9:33 AM

For the past 100 years, professionals have sought Dale Carnegie training to help sharpen interpersonal skills and become more effective leaders. In fact, business magnate Warren Buffett credits Dale Carnegie training for changing his life [Buffett on Dale Carnegie video HERE].

On November 18, 2016 FCB hosted its second one-day Dale Carnegie Leadership training. Twenty-one students not only had the opportunity to participate in some of the same sessions Buffett once did, but to develop and refine their communication and professional skill-sets for college and beyond.

The instructors, Ken Beyersdorf, president of Dale Carnegie Training of Arizona, and Audra Karam, director of Corporate Accounts for Dale Carnegie Training of Arizona, had presented a one-day and an eight-week training in Spring 2016.*

Currently, NAU is the only Arizona university to offer Dale Carnegie training to its students. On average, the training costs over a thousand dollars. Dale Carnegie offered a reduction in cost as did the FCB Undergraduate Programs office for a final price of $250 for the participants, an investment in themselves.

“A lot of companies send their employees to Dale Carnegie trainings,” explained Bernadine Lewis, director of Undergraduate Programs. “Imagine being an undergraduate and being able to say in an interview that you have already completed a Dale Carnegie training; that’s going to set you apart […] that’s why I’m so excited to give students this opportunity.”

The day-long event covered six topics, ranging from self-leadership to body language. Students received instruction and participated in various group activities, all of which were intended to prepare them to be successful business professionals.

“I attended this training because I was told it would be a good opportunity, but this training offered considerably more than I was led to expect,” explained accounting student Tyke Weems. “I learned how to communicate and build personal and professional relationships […] and was equipped with the knowledge and skills that will allow me to further myself in my professional endeavors.”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” emphasized Lewis. “I always ask students what they are doing to set themselves apart from the competition, and this training is definitely one of those things that will make your resume stand out. I think Dale Carnegie Training is something every student should do.”

Learn more about last year’s Dale Carnegie training HERE.

* More on the Dale Carnegie Connection

John Cauvin, Executive in Residence and faculty in the FCB School of Hotel and Restaurant and Management, graduated from the Dale Carnegie Course in 1996. Cauvin invited Audra Karam, director of Corporate Accounts for Dale Carnegie Training of Arizona, to lecture in his capstone classes and took the opportunity to ask her how Dale Carnegie Training could be offered at the FCB.

Cauvin and FCB Dean Craig Van Slyke met with Ken Beyersdorf, president of Dale Carnegie Training of Arizona, and brought Bernadine Lewis, the director of FCB Undergraduate Programs, on board to work with Beyersdorf. Together, they created the opportunity for a one-day and an eight week training in Spring 2016.

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Particpants in the 1-Day Training

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