Solidifying Connections with Twelve SHRM Alumni in Park City, Utah

Posted: Monday, October 17th 2016 at 2:10 PM

Quality graduates are a point of pride for NAU’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (SHRM). SHRM alumni can be found working for premier companies across the nation, and it is the School’s goal to equip its students with the knowledge and experience necessary to work for a high quality hospitality company. For its leaders to hear that those goals are being fulfilled is always a triumph.

Dr. Wanda Costen, SHRM’s executive director, and Karen Staley, director of development, needed to travel no farther than Park City, Utah, to find 12 SHRM alumnae working at Montage Deer Valley, a 220-room, five-restaurant resort located 36 miles from Salt Lake City Airport.

“Montage is a top-notch, luxury property,” said Costen.

Staley’s primary role as development officer is to work with Costen to identify potential donors, who are interested in investing in the School. Staley reaches out to help SHRM engage with its alumni, find where they are working, and provide opportunities for them to give feedback on their experiences as undergraduate students.

Their first out-of-state trip of this nature on September 30, 2016 turned into much more when they discovered that so many SHRM graduates worked for the same prestigious company. Staley and Costen toured the Montage property, dined in one of its casual dining facilities, and spent time with the alumni.

“We spent a lot of time[discussing]how the program at SHRM helped prepare them for their jobs—what kind of things worked, what didn’t, and what gaps we have in our curriculum,” said Costen.

The trip also prompted Costen and Staley to think about future recruiting at SHRM.

“We are grateful for the feedback from the alumni and will continue to share these insights with leadership and faculty. I am also thrilled to share the number of our graduates working for such a prestigious resort with other hotel and resorts we work with around the world. Knowing that this company is working hard to recruit our best will encourage others to do the same,” Staley said.

Another interesting fact is that all but one of these alumni were recruited via the SHRM Hospitality Career Fair.

Our SHRM Alumni Stars at Montage Deer Valley


Graduated from:


Jordyn Cosgrove

2016 SHRM Alum

Exclusive Residence Concierge 

Leslie Osborn

School of Communications Alum


Jasmine Howell

2015 SHRM Alum


Lauren Roach

2015 SHRM Alum

Residential Concierge  

Alexandra Thornton 

2015 SHRM Alum

Sales Coordinator

Brett Weinstein

2015 SHRM Alum

Group Coordinator

Cathryn Sandoval

2014 SHRM Alum

Exclusive Resort Concierge

Christina Andrews

Current Student

Spa Intern 

Kathleen Newell 

2014 SHRM Alum

 Employment Specialist

Sydney Thorson

2014 SHRM Alum

Travel Industry Sales Manager

Lauren Santistevan

2013 SHRM Alum

Paintbox Manager


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