Snowflakes settles over another successful HRM Career Fair

Posted: Friday, March 9th 2018 at 9:37 AM

The halls of the HRM building were buzzing with excitement as the career fair kicked off on February 28th. With 48 companies attending the fair with the intention of recruiting students, the conversations and mock interviews were at their peak.

Sadly with the snowfall that hit Flagstaff the night before some companies had to cancel, but that did not diminish the excitement of the fair.

The seniors in attendance had an amazing time making one-on-one connections with potential employers at the Emplyer / Senior Mixer the night before the career fair. Students from all years of study were able to participate in the career fair and interviews.

Over 350 students looked their finest as they talked and gained experience talking with employers.  Even students who did not previously have business professional attire were able to use the “HRM Closet” to access appropriate clothing that was donated by the HRM Industry Council and faculty members.

As I talked with students they shared that their HRM professors put time into preparing the students for the career fair. A senior HRM international student, Hubert Phoa, shared that, the professors introduced the students to potential employers, while sharing some of the students experience to help start a conversation. And before the career fair the professors helped the students with resumes, tips for elevator pitches, and effectively communicating with the representatives of potential employers.

Colleen Snyder with Little America said that her company was looking for students who show, “Reliability, honesty, and some training experience in customer service.”

While some students had a specific employer in mind before the career fair, many students use the fair as an opportunity to make connections with hospitality employers, as well as to gain experience doing interviews, and communicating with employers.

Wesley Light a HRM, junior, said, “I would definitely recommend it [the career fair] because of the connections you are able to make.” Light also said that it is rewarding to see the employer representatives remember meeting you at previous career fairs.

Alicia Robertson with Amangiri encouraged students to attend as many career fairs as possible to make those connections.  She mentioned that she has been speaking with an NAU HRM student for three years.

Keara Sweitzer an NAU alumna, who tabled with Enterprise, said, the biggest piece of advice she would give to a student is to do an internship so that when you graduate you are used to doing a nine to five job and it’s not a shock.

To HRM students who weren’t able to make it to this career fair and the ones who did, be on the lookout for the next exciting career fair in the fall semester!

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