SHRM News Blast: September 15, 2017

Posted: Friday, September 15th 2017 at 3:43 AM

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September 15, 2017

Legacy Series, continued. Full Legacy Series HERE.

A Glimpse of Howey
Rich Howey arrived at NAU on graduation day, December of 1990. He came into town during one of “the worst snow storms Flagstaff has ever had.”

... On the radio, they said ‘if you are in town, stay home; if you’re not, don't come,’” he chuckles. But come he did and more than 26 years later, Howey can’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be. Read more…

Hill’s Life Blessed by Synchronicity
There is no story to share of Frannie Hill that does not start with an understanding that at her core, she is a spiritual person. As she sees it, her life has been characterized by synchronicity, a flow of events leading to and now from HRM’s doors. “How this synchronicity came about and that I get to do this life, to have it all – can you see it? can you feel it? It's just been a blessed journey.” Read more…

Siler Finds Her Home at HRM

Suzanne Siler, currently HRM’s program director for Internships and Career Services and self-described “Queen of Cleaning” by the time she was 18,” reflected on where her life in the hospitality industry began. As she describes it, life didn’t truly begin until she found her home at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Read more…

Hanson Experiences “Fabulous” 2017 Banfi Scholastic Tour of Italy
May 27 – June 4, 2017, Professor Wally Rande and newly-graduated student, Karen Hanson embarked on what turned out to be another “fabulous” Banfi Scholastic Tour of Italy, an eno-gastronomic (aka food and wine) tour hosted by Banfi Vintners. Read more…

‘Coffee with Costen’ Event Makes Its Debut

If students have ever wanted to sit down and have a coffee with Dr. Wanda Costen, now is their chance! 'Coffee with Costen' is a monthly event taking place in the CULT Coffee Roaster SHRM Learning Café where students can join her over a cup of coffee or tea and talk about anything and everything. Read more…


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