SHRM News Blast: July 15, 2017

Posted: Saturday, July 15th 2017 at 3:14 PM

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July 15, 2017

Legacy Series, continued. Full Legacy Series HERE.

Wiener’s What the Heck? Leads to a 25-Year Dedication
In 1992, Professor Paul Wiener thought it would be fun to teach, but he was thinking of it as a semi-retirement gig. When he saw the NAU ad for a teaching job at the NAU School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, he thought, “What the heck, why not do it now?” Then-Dean Peter Van Kleek recognized the value of his industry experience and 25 years later, Wiener is now looking back. Read more…

Hospodka’s Flight from Communism Led to the Freedom to Teach
For the first decade of her life, Lecturer Lenka Hospodka lived behind the Iron Curtain, in Prague, Czech Republic. Her father left for a Fulbright Scholarship opportunity in 1964 at MIT when she was 10. It took four years for Lenka and her mother to work through the challenges of joining him there. Read more…

Student Learns Event Catering at Reich’s David Syme Concert

June 25, senior Abby Mall helped prepare and deliver the food and beverage service to guests hosted by Allen Reich at a concert in his home by renowned pianist, David Syme. It gave her insight into event planning and catering with the added challenge of doing so in a private residence. Read more…

Casado Presents in Spain at 5th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference
Matt A. Casado, professor emeritus, presented the refereed paper “Ethical Principles for the Tourism and Hospitality Curricula” in the 5th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference at the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Spain, held June 6-11, 2017.  The article, advocating for the integration of ethics in these disciplines’ curricula, was published in the proceedings book of the conference.

Saunders’ Paper Accepted in Journal of MIS
Carol Saunders, research professor, was notified that her paper, “The Impact of Mental Representation on ICT-Related Overload in the Use of Mobile Phones,” was accepted in the Tier 1 Journal of MIS. Read more...

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