SHRM News Blast: August 15, 2017

Posted: Tuesday, August 15th 2017 at 12:03 PM

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August 15, 2017

Legacy Series, continued. Full Legacy Series HERE.

Professor Bruce Urdang

Urdang’s Simple Path to HRM Leads to No Regrets

“It's ’84, and I'm about to graduate law school, and I had enough of New York by then. I'd been there my whole life. I had an older brother who had escaped first to California so I was one of the few New Yorkers who realized there were places that existed west of the Hudson River... I like teaching, I like my students, I like that I've had the freedom to do my other work along with my University work. I wouldn't change a thing.” Read more…


Rande’s Career Defined by Taking Care of Students

“When looking for a teaching job 26 years ago, I had a couple offers from other hospitality programs, and I'm glad that I took this job because I don't think any other place would've been as rewarding and allowed as much personal growth as I've had here... where there would've been the collegiality among faculty, the opportunity to work with the great students and administrators, and live in a town like Flagstaff.” Read more…



Collins and Reich Present at ICHRIE 2017

Reich and Reich Present at ICHRIE 2017


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