SHRM Launches New Text Alert System

Posted: Monday, November 16th 2015 at 11:25 AM

The SHRM Ambassadors have recently launched a new texting alert program within the school for students interested in staying up to date on Pathways and events going on or other timely announcements.

They set up an account through Remind, a phone app which sends texts to subscribers. The alerts are compatible with all mobile devices that can receive text messages. A maximum of five messages per week will be sent to subscribers.

“We only have about 20 students subscribed, but I do believe that will change with time,” said SHRM Ambassador Kelly Madden.

The friendly reminders also include voice clips and attachments; a one-on-one chat feature for recipients to ask questions; and the ability to cancel subscriptions at any time.

To subscribe, text @shrmatnau to 81010.

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