SHRM Honored for Excellence in Curriculum and Assessment

Posted: Thursday, October 23rd 2014 at 4:08 AM

SHRM received the NAU Seal of Assessment Excellence

NAU's announcement of the award HERE

Following a review of NAU's academic programs' annual assessment reports, members of the NAU University Assessment Committee and the Office of Curriculum, Learning Design and Academic Assessment have awarded SHRM's faculty efforts for assessing student learning.

SHRM received a Seal of Assessment Excellence, which recognizes exemplary work in three assessment phases: 1) mission, degree program student learning outcomes, curriculum map and assessment strategy; 2) data collection; and 3) use of assessment findings to promote learning strengths and/or to make changes to curricular design.

Assessment at SHRM began with the formation of the SHRM Assessment Committee. Serving on the committee were Professors Galen Collins (Chair), Armando Trujillo, and Wally Rande. To clearly focus their efforts on curricular issues, the SHRM Assessment Committee was later made a subcommittee of the SHRM Curriculum Committee in 2012.

In 2013, the SHRM Assessment Committee developed a comprehensive assessment plan where each step of the assessment process was addressed. The plan entails the systematic, ongoing process of gathering and interpreting evidence of student learning to determine if the SHRM program is meeting its vision, mission, and learning outcomes and then using that information to improve the program.

SHRM's assessment program required the active participation and engagement of faculty, which was facilitated through a supportive administration and training programs that helped faculty gain expertise in assessment as well as in understanding, developing, implementing, communicating, and using evidence of student learning. For example, a staff member from the NAU Office of Curriculum, Learning Design, and Academic Assessment conducted a workshop in 2013 for both the SHRM Assessment Committee and faculty on the rubric for assessing student writing skills and how to use it for generating accurate, clear, consistent, and meaningful writing evaluations.

Collins remarked, "SHRM is dedicated to encouraging the growth and development of our students, providing them with meaningful and relevant educational experiences, and facilitating their achievement of our stated program learning outcomes. Assessment is an important process for supporting student success."

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