SHRM highlighted in the Center for International Education’s NAU Global, Spring 2015

Posted: Monday, April 20th 2015 at 2:50 PM

The Spring 2015 issue of the NAU Center for International Education (CIE) featured the Ecotourism Development and Engineering Design in Mexico and Suriname project of Dr. Claudia Jurowski (SHRM) and Dr. Dianne McDonnell (ENG). More stories about this project HERE.

The publication also featured several SHRM faculty members who have "Global Reach." Mentioned were Paul Wiener, John Cauvin, Galen Collins, Wanda Costen, Mark Molinaro, Claudia Jurowski, and Wally Rande.

The SHRM-related download (PDF) HERE

The full NAU Global publication (PDF) HERE

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