SHRM Café Indulges in New Donors and a New Name

Posted: Tuesday, March 7th 2017 at 2:26 PM

The SHRM café has long been known as just that. However, thanks to a recent donor, CULT Coffee Roaster, the café is getting a new name.

Dr. Wanda Costen, SHRM executive director, had ideas for the café the moment she came to SHRM, and was moved when students came to her saying, “We get your vision; we want to run the café.”

In October 2015, the café opened for business, thanks to a group of motivated students under the guidance of Lecturer Julene Boger.

Through experiential learning opportunities like these, students are taught accountability, how to create policies and procedures, how to train each other, scheduling, and ultimately how to operate a successful business.

When CEO of CULT Coffee Roaster, Hans Schatz, visited SHRM to speak to students, Costen showed him the café and told him of her vision. They connected through their values, ethics, and an understanding of the opportunity students would have to learn through working in the café.

Costen, Boger, and a group of eight students from the café and Costen’s capstone class were able to visit CULT Coffee Roaster in Phoenix, and loved every moment. CULT’s business model includes establishing relationships with the farmers who grow the beans they use for their coffee. “It’s a family,” said Costen.

The family-like values are reflected in what the café and SHRM as a whole creates. “It’s that value piece,” Costen explained. “It’s not about making money, it’s about changing lives, and we [SHRM] just happen to change lives through the experiences the students will have making coffee.”

Along with CULT Coffee, Forest Highlands has come onboard as a partner to contribute to the café. Schatz has a good relationship with them, and Forest Highlands sees these hands-on learning opportunities as a large benefit for students.

Another CULT Coffee partner, Bunn-o-Matic, visited SHRM to see the potential for the café. As a result, Bunn will be donating a generous gift of new, state-of-the-art equipment, which will enhance both the quality of the student learning experience, and the quality of the products served.

The availability of experiential learning opportunities create a dynamic environment in SHRM.  “It’s about how we treat our students, hold them accountable, and how we set these expectations that I am proud to say they all measure up to,” raved Costen. She continued, explaining the initiative and ambition of the students. “You have to have the vision that says, ‘we can make that happen.’”

As the development of the café continues, students will have the opportunity to visit CULT and create their own special blend unique to the café. Excitement is building as signs are created and equipment is installed.

With the help from all partners and sponsors, the SHRM café will offer incredible coffee, tea, and botanicals.*

“There is a special thing happening in this building,” said Costen. The café will soon be known as the CULT Coffee Roaster SHRM Learning Café.

*Did you know?

Tea and botanicals are brewed the same but are very different. As CULT describes them, botanicals are "a hand selected recipe of botanical products: herbs, blossoms, spices, fruit, and all natural ingredients. Notice there is NO TEA in a Botanical beverage, just amazing all natural materials from mother earth." Botanicals are naturally caffeine and sugar free so they can be enjoyed by everyone. Learn more about botanicals and the flavors CULT uses to brew their very own.

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