Reich and Reich Present at ICHRIE 2017

Posted: Tuesday, August 15th 2017 at 7:12 AM

Professor Allen Reich and his son Joseph Reich had a research paper accepted for a poster session of the 2017 ICHRIE (International Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Educators) Conference July 26-28. Joseph is a senior at Basis High School in Flagstaff. Basis Flagstaff was recently recognized in Business Week Magazine as the second most challenging high school in the United States.

The title of the research was, Understanding and Minimizing Bias in the Measurement and Assessment of Qualitative Departmental Performance in Hospitality Firms: An exploratory study of prescriptive research and the practices of excellent firms. The concept of the research is that before managers of hospitality businesses and their various functional departments can effectively create and implement strategies, they must first have an accurate analysis of current performance. Unfortunately, bias in the measurement and assessment of qualitative performance areas (e.g., the quality of the hiring or training processes) can disguise critical details, which increase the possibility that subsequent planning decisions will be based on an erroneous premise. The research examined the possible causes of bias, how it affects the firm, and offered strategies for limiting its impact.

“Because of the conference’s 2,500-word limitation on proposals, Joseph’s work on determining what to leave in and what to take out was quite helpful. As a challenge to Joseph, we both independently determined what should be included in the poster. Since Joseph’s version included each of the key concepts of the paper, along with some additional information that would prove helpful to attendees, we went with his version.

“The conference was a great opportunity for Joseph to see a side of academia that he had not yet been exposed to. Several attendees said that they were impressed with the depth of his knowledge on the topic. Rebecca Tang from Iowa State University asked Joseph to submit a paper to a future conference,” said Allen.

Reflected Joseph, "I enjoyed working on the research project, especially the concept of identifying a problem, then trying to find the answer from existing research and surveys that my father had gathered. It was an incredible overall experience that helped me to better understand both academia and business. I am now considering research and being a professor as a potential career."

This collaboration is a stellar example of the impact that professors have on the next generation, in this case, Allen's own child.

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