NACBA Brews Up Big Plans for the 2016–2017 Academic Year

Posted: Monday, September 26th 2016 at 5:10 AM

Students of the Northern Arizona Craft Beer Association (NACBA) kicked off the fall semester with a presentation at SHRM Club Night on September 15, 2016. The presentation, which featured a homemade red-ale cheese sauce, gave students a literal taste of the club’s mission, goals, and year’s plans.

Although NACBA is a relatively new organization created three years ago with the help of Chef Mark Molinario, the club has big plans for this year and beyond.

In past years, the organization has incorporated classroom learning with hands on experience by teaming with local breweries to produce collaborative brews. This year, in addition to the continuing its relationship with these companies, the club plans to expand its reach by working with and touring additional breweries throughout the region.

“This year we have plans to brew with Dark Sky Brewery [in Flagstaff], and we’re all really excited about it,” explained Josh Estensen, NACBA president. “We’re also looking forward to gaining more brewing experience by creating a special SHRM 30th Anniversary Brew.”

In addition to collaborative brews and hands-on experiences, the club hopes to educate its members about the myriad of opportunities within the brewing industry, including marketing.

“We started this club because there was nothing quite like it offered to students,” explained Blake Walker, NACBA founding member. “Craft beer is a growing industry, and we are one of the few clubs in the nation to offer students real insight and experience in the industry.”

Despite its name, Walter emphasizes that NACBA is not about drinking. Instead, the club is based on gaining educational and professional experiences in the beer brewing industry. NACBA is looking for interested students to join their organization.

Members do not have to be 21 years of age to have a meaningful experience, they just have to have an interest in craft beer.

Read more about NACBA HERE.

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