Molinaro’s HA 243 Takes on Craft Soda Making

Posted: Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 at 5:01 PM

Chef Mark Molinaro and his HA 243, Foundations In Kitchen Operations class are famous for their class tasting events where outside critics come to taste what students have prepared. This semester, Molinaro is introducing students to craft soda making, and will have this skill demonstrated at each tasting.

“Instead of buying corn syrup-based sodas, we’re incorporating a craft soda program into the class,” said Molinaro.

The HA 243 class has four tasting events a semester: Savvy Soups, Meat Madness, Pasta Palooza, and Sweet Endings.

Each event presents a new skill for the students to conquer and techniques to use as they’d apply to kitchen management. The addition of making homemade soda with each dish helps students to understand how to pair beverages with a meal.

Molinaro said students will be making homemade root beer and other sodas, using freshly juiced apples and botanicals from the CULT Coffee Roaster SHRM Learning Café.

“When students tell me, ‘We want bread.’ I tell them to make it,” explained Molinaro. “We always push the students to make their own.”

Sign up for an HA 243 Tasting Event HERE.

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