Mc Keown’s Home for Thanksgiving: A Haven for Students from Germany

Posted: Thursday, December 15th 2016 at 11:15 AM

Photo: (l. to r.) Front: Hannah Hemmerlein, Tiare Kaiwi-Barrionueb, Jade Tan
Back: Leha Werthenbach, Jaqueline Bonn, Miriam Neuhaus, Carolina Luebberz, Emma Gray, Gunnar Santomauro

Dr. Edward Mc Keown hosted nine students (five from Germany and four from the U.S.) for a wonderful 2016 Thanksgiving dinner. He shared the traditional foods that come with the dinner including turkey, ham, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, and three types of pie (apple, cherry, and pumpkin).

The students enjoyed learning about our culture and this dinner helped all of them realize why we as Americans need such large ovens, as they took a picture of his oven with four large casserole dishes inside to send back to family in Germany.

Mc Keown teaches HA 100 Introduction to Hospitality and HA240, Restaurant Operations & Management, the latter of which includes a section about food safety and have the students take the ServSafe National food safety certification exam. Mc Keown showed the students how to put those standards into practice.

When the turkey was finished cooking, all the students jumped in and learned how to make the side dishes including proper sanitary conditions for each, especially ensuring that the stuffing which was removed from the cavity of the turkey was brought to a temperature to ensure food safety.

After a wonderful dinner filled with conversation about the different cultures and how they celebrate the holidays, including Christmas, the students helped to clean the dishes and the kitchen.

The evening culminated in yet one more tradition by playing board games until it was time for the students to leave.

"While the students thanked me for hosting the dinner and giving them a place to be and people to be with on the holiday, the real winner of this event, I feel, was myself, as these students kept me from being alone on this traditional holiday," reflected Mc Keown.

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