Isbell Lecture Series: Hans Schatz, CEO of CULT Coffee Roaster

Posted: Tuesday, December 5th 2017 at 3:24 PM

The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is proud to host lectures that focus on ethics in business for their students. On November 20, 2017, the Isbell Ethics Lecture Series hosted Hans Schatz, the CEO of CULT Coffee Roaster.

CULT donated the funds to name the CULT Coffee Roaster SHRM Learning Café, and has provided tremendous opportunities for students. Schatz is passionate about ethical principles, and leadership, which is why he was selected as this year’s keynote lecturer.

Schatz spoke about the importance of being authentic, and how it is an essential component of business. He also discussed how leadership requires courage that is shown through one’s values and ethics. He told students that their ethics could not be developed after they graduate. Instead, students develop their ethics while in college. Schatz expressed that they need to be building their ethical foundation now, not later.

These concepts were valuable to students, and allowed them to understand why ethics are important when choosing an employer or starting their own business.

“It is so important to find an employer that aligns with your values,” shared Dr. Wanda Costen, SHRM executive director.

This was the third SHRM Isbell Ethics Lecture. The event hosts high-quality leaders that exemplify ethics in their organizations. The series is designed to inspire students and to highlight the importance of developing themselves as ethical people.

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