HRM Senior Etiquette Dinner 2018

Posted: Friday, April 20th 2018 at 8:34 AM

Earlier this semester, the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) hosted a Senior Etiquette Dinner. During this event, graduating seniors are taught the proper etiquette of how to dine with business professionals. Professors and industry professionals, joined the students in a sit down dinner and were taught by our very own professor, Ms. Jo on the do’s and don’ts of how to eat with professionals. This is beneficial for students because when they graduate, knowing this trait will help them stand out compared to others. This is a great opportunity that HRM offers and show just how elite HRM wants their students to be after graduation. One of the industry professionals who attended stated:

“The NAU Etiquette dinner was an extraordinary experience resulting from a great partnership.  The gift of being prepared to enter the workforce is invaluable and it is clear that NAU cares about the success of all of their students.  Choice is very proud to not only partner with NAU, but to also have the opportunity to interact with future talent.  We look forward to continuing this partnership and hiring more college graduates from the school.”

Angelique Kelly-Lara, Vice President
Global Talent Acquisition, Choice Hotels

The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management’s very own leadership professor who attended the event commented positively about the dinner as well. He states:

“The Senior Etiquette Dinner is extremely beneficial to our students and in my opinion should be a required class. Many students are very uncomfortable going to a lunch interview and are not sure on how to handle themselves. Some companies like to use the lunch interview method to size up the candidates level of sophistication. The challenge for students is that they do not have the basic knowledge of how to behave at a table.”

John R. Cauvin, Executive in Residence
School of Hotel & Restaurant Management

Not only is the Senior Etiquette Dinner a learning experience for the seniors, the servers are HRM’s very own freshman and sophomores students. Students are given the opportunity to volunteer and help serve the guests. Volunteers are required to attend a mandatory informational session on how to properly serve guests and are taught the how to arrange a formal table setting. HRM’s very own Ambassador states:

“Being able to help put on this event goes beyond just making sure everything was in place for the event. It was learning and understanding the proper way to set a table, how to give and take away plates from a customer, and the reasoning behind why a formal table setting is set up the way it is.”

Lindsey Kevorkian, Current Student in HRM

Overall the event is one that positively impacts the student’s professional learning experience.  Being able to stand out to employers about how professional one carries themselves and how etiquette one is during professional settings is very beneficial.

“I am thankful that us students get the opportunity to attend and help out with events like the Senior Etiquette Dinner. These are just more opportunities for you to grow as a professional. Looking forward to next year! ” 

Lindsey Kevorkian, Current Student in HRM