HRM Club Night - January 23, 2013

Posted: Tuesday, January 22nd 2013 at 4:06 PM

Looking for a fun and exciting way to get involved on campus? At the beginning of each semester, the School of Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM) hosts a Club Night to recruit new members and promote the clubs. This semester’s Club Night will be held tomorrow, January 23, 2013 in the HRM building from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“The whole purpose of club night is to really get our students involved in extracurricular activities,” said Jessica Shipley, HRM student advisor. “When recruiters come to recruit students for jobs and internships, it’s really important for them to have lots of different experiences to make them more well-rounded.” 

Members of the various clubs agree that the work they do serves a good purpose.

Veronica Bell, senior vice president of Delta Sigma Pi, has found her experience to be very rewarding.

“We do a lot of networking and professional activities to prepare ourselves for the professional world before we graduate,” she said.  “We also do fun community service and social events throughout each semester.”

Many of the clubs are active helping out around campus as well as in the Flagstaff community. 

The National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH) takes the time to “work closely with the Lions Club, The Flagstaff Animal Shelter, as well as with many local businesses and events that are put on every year,” according to Sadie Lemons, NSMH president.

Students will get the chance to learn about all of the clubs offered to them and choose which one they think would be the best fit for them. 

“Each of the 8 hospitality clubs that we have represented in our program do 15 minute presentations talking about the highlights of their club, the benefits students can get from participating in these clubs, how they get back to HRM, scholarship information, social events, different things like that,” Shipley explained. “And then after 15 minutes the students can rotate to a different club and hear about another club.”

By getting involved in their chosen career field early on, students are able to meet people who can help them get a foot in the door.

“Networking in this industry is very important, and with NSMH being able to get to know the recruiters who are hiring hospitality students helps tremendously,” Lemons said and with more hands-on experience comes a better chance to get chosen for that dream job.

“Members of our club in the past have been offered amazing job opportunities upon graduation with the help of the experience gained while working with our organization,” said Hilary Keith, president of the Student Hospitality National Advisory Board (SHNAB).

“We really encourage students to get involved in a student club,” Shipley said. “You get a chance to network and meet other people who you can end up being really good friends with. There are lots of people who I still keep in contact with because of the relationships made here in the program as well as in class.”

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