“Hospitality from the Heart” with Brandon Johnson

Posted: Tuesday, April 3rd 2018 at 8:07 AM

On Tuesday, March 27th, the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management was given the privilege of meeting Brandon Johnson, otherwise known as “Positive Energy Guy.” Mr. Johnson is known for his book, “Hospitality from the Heart” which was also honored as “the best business book of the year.” His book is used as textbooks for leadership classes, motivation for business individuals, and shows others how to be great leaders.

During his talk, Mr. Johnson shared his knowledge to the fellow students about leading from the heart. He talks about how it all starts with your employees. If you focus your time on your employees, get to know them, and show them that you care about them, it will ultimately make a great difference in your company. Guests will be happy with the service they are receiving, which ultimately means that profit is being made.

He focuses most of his time emphasizing not to “throw poop, otherwise you will get crapped on.” What he means by this is that one negative person has a ripple effect on others around them. If one person is upset, their negative energy will be passed on to the next person they talk to and so on. This will negatively affect employees, customers, and put you in a negative mood as well. When you are negative, it will show in your work performance and it will be hard to motivate others to do their work.

image of He then goes on to talk about one of his formulas that he teaches others during his seminars, energy and exertion. Energy and exertion can be measured out of 10. Energy is the amount of spirit an individual has when performing a task. It can also mean the way that they present themselves to others. Exertion can otherwise be known as motivation. How motivated are you to get your work done. It can also translate into work performance. This goes with the saying, “work for something you love and are passionate about.” If your energy is at a 5 and your exertion is at a 7, your overall energy tank is ranked 35/100. Your goal should try to have your energy tank at 100%.

Overall, it was a great talk that helped students see the importance of how one's energy can affect someone's attitude. What do you have to change in order to increase your energy tank? Reading more books, talking to others, and following great mentors can all aid in making you a great leader. Lead from your heart in everything you do and others will follow.picture of giveaway items with Johnson's message printed on them

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