Going Above and Beyond to Achieve the CHIA

Posted: Thursday, May 11th 2017 at 5:58 PM

Sixteen students from Lance Rohs’ HA 415 registered to take the Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA) outside of class in Spring 2017 and every one of them passed the certification on their first try! CHIA is offered through the American Hotel & Lodging Association Education Institute. It is sponsored by Smith Travel (now STR)* whose STAR (Smith Travel Accommodations Report) report is the primary analytic report used by hotels. This commitment was in addition to the heavy load the students carried in their last semester at NAU SHRM.

In his first academic year teaching HA 415 Hospitality Industry Analytics, Rohs was well equipped to guide the students, given his hospitality industry background and the fact that he is a Certified Hospitality Industry Analyst himself. It was also the reason he fully embraced efforts made each semester in the past by Professor Jon Hales to help students prepare for the CHIA.

Said Rohs, “I was proud because as faculty, we all look for things that we can do to help our students get a leg up. I spent 18 years with Marriott International as a director of finance and accounting and GM, and if a student out of school came and handed me a resume and said they had this certification, I would hand it to Human Resources and say, ‘Hire this person. Find a place for them.’

“It's not the easiest certification. Seasoned hospitality professionals are the typical registrants to take the exam. And it shows they're analytical, they're able to solve deep problems through analysis.

“The group of students that took the exam this year, they were all outstanding.”

One of those students, junior Joseph Goldenberg, interviewed for an internship with Four Seasons this summer in Boston and is heading that way after the semester wraps up.

“When the CHIA certification was offered, I saw it as a great way to separate myself from other candidates in future interviews. … the knowledge gained and opportunities that we receive from CHIA far surpasses the time commitment involved with studying.

“This certification not only allows us as students of NAU’s hospitality program to have increased hire rates, but also better prepares us to understand industry-reported data and apply informed decision making as we begin our careers.

“The fact that Professor Lance Rohs offered this certification makes me proud to be his student and to have a teacher that cares so much about his students,” said Goldenberg.

Another student, Kat Magrady, fully agreed. “When Lance first mentioned that this certification would be resume-enhancing and would put me over the top when applying for a job, I immediately expressed my interest in wanting to take the exam… 

“The exam itself was a bit difficult, but knowing that I put in the man-hours to study, alone and with some of my peers, made passing and getting certified so rewarding. On top of that, knowing how proud Lance would be of all of us that passed was one of the key drivers to my success. 

“Lance has been an incredible professor, leader, and role model for many students, including myself. I just hope that he realizes how much of a positive impact he has on our lives. He really is one of a kind,” Magrady concluded.

Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA)

Geared to revenue managers, general managers, corporate staff, and research professionals, the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) is the only hotel-related certification for industry professionals focused on analytics.  Jointly offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and STR,* it provides recognition of thorough knowledge of the foundational metrics, definitions, formulas, and methodologies used by the hotel industry.

Core content areas include:

  • Hotel Industry Analytical Foundations
  • Hotel Math Fundamentals
  • Property Level Benchmarking (STAR Reports)
  • Hotel Industry Performance Reports

* STR, formerly known as Smith Travel Research, is an American company based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, that tracks supply and demand data for multiple market sectors, including the global hotel industry. [Wikipedia]

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