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Posted: Wednesday, October 30th 2013 at 10:24 AM

In this on-going blog article, we will feature various snippets of information from Chef Molinaro's Kitchen.

  • Soup Savvy
    Soup Savvy

    Soup Savvy

    One of four events hosted by the students, Soup Savvy features saucey, swirling, simmering soups wafting into the halls from this tasty event.

    Soup Savvy Video HERE

  • Meat Madness
    Meat Madness

    Meat Madness

    Meat Madness is chock full of meat, skillful presentations, and a little bit of "mad."

    Madness Video HERE

    Madness news HERE

  • Pasta Palooza
    Pasta Palooza

    Pasta Palooza

    This event is all about pasta in all shapes and forms, served with flavorful fixings, and as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

    Pasta Palooza Video HERE

  • A Sweet Ending
    A Sweet Ending

    A Sweet Ending

    One of four events hosted by the students, Sweet Endings will make your taste buds sing!

    Sweetness Video HERE

    Prep4Sweetness HERE

5 Mother Sauces: Bechamel to Cheese Sauce

Beans: Cooking & Flipping

Chicken Stock: Tasting

Chicken: Breaking Down a Whole Chicken

Composting in the Kitchen


Crepes: Banana

Dish Machine How To's

Egg: Determining freshness of

Egg: Hard boiling

Egg: Poaching

Fish: Salmon

Identification: Vegetable, Fruits & Herb

Lobster: Preparation

Mussels: Cleaning

Roux: Color Wheel

Roux: In a Commerical Kitchen

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