Fall 2017 Recap: Four Industry Leaders in Hospitality Visit SHRM

Posted: Wednesday, December 13th 2017 at 10:07 AM

In the Fall 2017 semester, SHRM hosted four guest lectures that featured CEO’s and executives from various businesses. These lectures were aimed to provide guidance toward student professional development, as well as a networking opportunity for both job seekers and employers. The lectures held were:

September 27 – SHRM Executive Lecture Series – Rick Grayson | owner of CULT Coffee Roaster  | Native American Cultural Center

October 18 – Isbell Ethics Executive Lecture Series – Hans Schatz, CEO of CULT Coffee Roaster

October 25 – Conversation with a CEO | Scott Lyons | CEO of Westroc Hospitality | Student and Academic Services

November 2 – SHRM Executive Lecture Series | Todd Gordon | SHRM Alum & Sr. VP for Key Impact Sales & Systems  | Ashurst Auditorium 

While each event featured someone different, they had a similar theme in lessons learned. Some of the highlights included building a personal brand, developing ethics that drive your career path, and the importance of authenticity.

Suzanne Siler, programs director in SHRM, is enthused to bring in speakers and set up events that are aimed at professional development. She sees the value in what the leaders bring to students, and has already produced a game plan of events for Spring 2018.

Learn about previous speakers HERE.

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