Composting in the Kitchen

Posted: Wednesday, March 11th 2015 at 1:33 PM

One of the new additions in the SHRM kitchen is a partnership with VeloComposting, a university program where compostable materials are gathered and transported by bicycles. Composting helps excess food be used towards something useful rather than just going into a landfill and creating greenhouse gases.

“It’s good for students to know that those systems are in place and are working so they can bring them into their businesses down the road,” Chef Mark Molinaro said. “It’s just part of proper management.”

VeloComposting began as a subsidiary of NAU Composting until Campus took over funding in 2012. They work with Sodexo and NAU Grounds to make composting efforts more visible to the campus. Both the Students for Sustainable Living and Urban Gardening (SSLUG) and Students Nurturing Allternatives in Landscaping (SNAIL) gardens use compost to help grow produce and herbs and other plants.

“We already recycle, but composting is something we haven’t done regularly here,” Chef Mark said. “Hopefully down the road we’ll be able to partner with the gardens and use some of the products that grow [in those gardens] in our kitchen and complete that cycle.”

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