Chef Mark Pilots an Advanced Food and Beverage Class

Posted: Thursday, November 9th 2017 at 2:56 PM

Chef Mark Molinaro is introducing a new class for Spring 2018, HA 443 Advanced Food and Beverage Production. This is an extension of the HA 243 introductory course, and is the only other hands-on cooking class offered through SHRM.

By their senior year, many students have had internship or job experiences where they furthered their knowledge and skills of the food and beverage, so Molinaro felt the need to push for another class where students have the chance to put their skills to the test. As a culminating class, it will allow students to exercise their skills, apply theories, and enhance their knowledge of the industry.

The new course promises to be more student driven, where groups of eight will work together throughout the semester to conquer all parts of event planning. This includes the planning, budgeting, sourcing, preparing, serving, cleaning, and assessing sides of putting together an awesome event.

An overarching theme is to “serve the people of Flagstaff,” Molinaro explained. The class will collectively choose a charity they wish to raise funds for, and will plan events that benefit the charity as well as improve their skills in large events and catering.

Ideas for the class are to serve meals at a homeless shelter or rescue mission in Flagstaff. Along with giving back through direct work, the students look to host fundraisers where they will plan, serve, and execute the event every step of the way. The class will be partnering with Flagstaff businesses like Roux66 catering and Little America to connect our classroom with the community.

Not only is this class a great way to improve and learn new skills, it is an opportunity for Lumberjack students to give back to the mountain town they have grown to love for years.

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