Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics

Posted: Thursday, March 14th 2013 at 2:48 PM

Photo (left to right):

Marcia Looper, Erika Wedge, Jon Hales - Instructor, Paige Madison, Nathan Steen, Christine Allen, Kevin Regan, Kaitlin Borrell, Julian Grutkamp, Katelyn Golik, Till Benthien, Theresa Koch, Raphael Barros Fayt, Marissa Friedrich, Rich Howey - Executive Director.  Missing from photo are Hayley Riegler and Tiffany Dayton

As part of the Revenue Management class in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, students were given the opportunity to be certified in Revenue Management. These students received their Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics which is offered by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute and Smith Travel Research. After completing the coursework, the students had to pass a two hour exam to earn the certificate. They had to display their knowledge of the many aspects of Hotel Revenue Management involving understanding and analyzing both internal hotel reports and external market reports.

This is the first year that this certificate has been offered. The AH&LEI partnered with Smith Travel Research (STR) and the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE) to provide this certification. It is a part of the SHARE program which provides university hospitality programs access to the raw data and many reports available through Smith Travel Research. This certification will be offered once a year as part of the revenue management classes in HRM.

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