Bon Appétit! Four Students Spend Their Summers with Google

Posted: Monday, November 13th 2017 at 9:53 AM

In Summer 2017, four SHRM students, including one recent graduate, completed an internship with Bon Appétit Management Company, working with Google in Mountain View, California. The four students were Victoria O’Reilly, Mary Dodge, Clayton Brockmeyer, and Taylor Shaw.

The internship aims to rotate participants through three cafés throughout their time. This allows for exposure to different types of culinary work including large catering and food trucks.

The summer-long internship was an opportunity for students to get hands on experience in the culinary industry. They all used skills they developed through classes at SHRM, and took home new and advanced techniques.

Brockmeyer began his time in the food trucks and was lucky enough to stay with it the entire time. He transitioned positions in the truck, and had the chance to do catering for 200-300 person events. At one point in time, Brockmeyer was guided by the head chef to spearhead an event. He enjoyed being able to focus on one part of the business and develop more skills in the truck. “The best part was learning how to set everything up,” shared Brockmeyer. “And getting to cook everything right there in the truck.”

He has dreams to own and operate his own food truck in the future, and saw his internship as a time to see if it is what he wants to do after graduation.

“I always knew I wanted to work with food trucks,” said Brockmeyer. “After working this summer, I want to do something like Bon Appétit, on a small scale.”

O’Reilly and Dodge had different experiences, and followed the traditional path of transitioning between cafés. Each of them had an eye-opening experience and loved learning about their potential career fields.

The students agreed their time at SHRM had prepared them for the internship and gave them a confidence going into the summer. With the help of their courses, especially HA 243, they all had an understanding of terminology and some technique. Their experience in classes served as a strong platform to build off of throughout their internships.

Suzanne Siler, SHRM program director for Internships and Career Services, had the opportunity to visit the Mountain View campus and see what the students had accomplished. In a “Fun Friday” event, the interns made sushi in front of a crowd to demonstrate some of the skills they had learned. Siler was excited to see how much the students had grown and to hear more about their unforgettable summers.

“I was extremely excited to see Suzanne when she came to visit us at a Fun Friday,” shared O’Reilly. “It was fun being able to show her what we have been doing all summer.”

The time with Bon Appétit was valuable both in professional and personal development. The experience allowed students to see what it is they actually want to do upon graduating from NAU. Dodge is certain she wants to work in a restaurant, and O’Reilly is interested in the Food and Beverage industry. “As a kid, I always loved to cook,” said Dodge. “After the internship, I know I want to be in a restaurant; going into that field is what I want to do.”

The internship overall showed them new strengths and reinforced their decision to work in the Hospitality world. All of the students agreed they would recommend the internship, or something similar, during the summer.

“I highly recommend that you take the time to go live somewhere new over the summer and find something that is outside of your comfort zone,” said O’Reilly. "College is all about exploring and finding where your passion lies."

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