Advertising capstone students take on the Phoenix Suns this semester

Posted: Thursday, March 5th 2015 at 3:38 PM

By Sophia Nitti, Student Writer

Prior to graduation, every senior in the NAU School of Communication must take a final class called a Capstone. These classes are a showcase so to speak, integrating knowledge they have gained over the past four years. For advertising students, this class is called Adv411C and an actual client is assigned. This semester, the Phoenix Suns basketball team was chosen.

Professor Rich Lei has been teaching this class for 27 years and, with his course, students are introduced into what being a working professional is like.

“In Adv411C there are no books, no exams but instead a project to be worked on in a team all semester long like you would in an actual advertising agency,” Lei explained.

Rather than typical lectures and exams, students are working toward developing a client book consisting of multiple sections that is eventually presented and turned in to the client at the end of the semester. Representatives of the Sales and Marketing department from the Phoenix Suns will most likely judge the students’ presentation in May.

“Sections of the client book include a creative brief, positioning statements–which are later presented to a focus group and voted on–and a media plan based on a budget that the Phoenix Suns provided. All this information is turned into a 20-minute campaign presentation,” Lei said.

The Phoenix Suns’ objectives are to have the students help figure out how the Suns’ brand can do a more comprehensive job connecting with the millennial generation. With so many options for sports and entertainment, having the students engaged and eager minds at work could be a key role in creating a new image.

Being able to have a high-profile client like the Phoenix Suns basketball team on a resume will certainly help these future graduates down the road. The world of advertising is very competitive and being able to successfully complete and learn from a capstone project such as this will provide immeasurable experience to these students.

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