30th Anniversary BBQ Brings SHRM Community Together

Posted: Wednesday, May 3rd 2017 at 12:46 PM

In honor of its 30th anniversary, NAU’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management hosted a school-wide barbeque luncheon on April 21, 2017.

The barbeque, held on the SHRM patio, was attended by dozens of SHRM students, faculty, staff, and alumni. During the event attendees had the opportunity to mingle with peers, participate in games, and celebrate SHRM’s 30-year history.

“I’ve been with SHRM for the past three years,” explained Andrew Stark, an SHRM junior. “Coming out to this was not only a way to show support for the program, but also a way to spend time with all my friends that I’ve made here throughout my years in SHRM.”

This outdoor gathering is just one way that SHRM has commemorated its 30th anniversary. This particular event was mostly student-planned and organized.

“This event has been in the works for a while as part of 30th anniversary planning, but I’ve also been working on organizing this as part of a semester long project for Gary Vallen’s HA 407 – Meeting, Events, and Conventions Industry Management class,” explained Sterling Gikling, SHRM junior and teaching assistant.

“We had a lot of freedom planning the event,” continued Gikling, who also acknowledged the role the SHRM Ambassadors had in planning the barbeque. “We determined what food to order; planned yard-games and activities; decided what decorations we wanted; and coordinated volunteers to help set up the event.”

Ultimately, in addition to celebrating SHRM’s anniversary, Gikling explained the barbeque “is just another way to promote how great our school is.”

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