Employer Campus Spotlight Visits

If you are unable join us for our career fair each semester, SHRM will gladly host your company for a preferred date(s) to "spotlight" your company for a day. We can provide plenty of student interaction and/or execute interviews in the SHRM building.  There are a variety of ways you can participate. We offer guest speaking in SHRM classes, setting up displays and information tables in our academic lobbies, and/or evening "fireside chats" in our livingroom with your company. Please, contact the Program Director for Internships & Career Services, Suzanne.Siler, (928) 523-1610 or complete the form below for scheduling dates/activities, as well as, reserving interview rooms.

SHRM is greatly interested in learning what activities would make your recruiting campus visit a success. Our objective is to consider everyone’s demanding time schedule and create a process whereby we can effectively and efficiently provide opportunities for employers and students alike. We look forward to a visit from you.

General Spotlight Visit Guidance

Directions to SHRM:

Link to NAU campus map

From Milton Ave:

1. Head North on S. Milton Rd & turn right at Butler Ave.
2. Continue forward & turn right at San Francisco St.
3. Continue forward through next 4-way stop at Franklin Ave.
4. Pass Wall Aquatic Center & open field on your right side.
5. Continue past HRM at McCreary.
6. Turn right at next 4-way stop (Mountain View) & park in San Francisco Garage (P96B)

From Butler Ave:

1. Head West on Butler Ave. & turn left at San Francisco St.
2. Continue forward through next 4-way stop sign at Franklin.
3. Pass Wall Aquatic Center & open field on your right side.
4. Continue past HRM at McCreary
5. Turn right at next 4-way stop (Mountain View) & park in San Francisco Garage (P96B).

From I-17:

1. Head North on I-17 past McConnell exit & Forest Meadows St.
2. Turn right at University Dr. & continue forward through stoplight at Knoles Dr.
3. Continue forward & turn right at 3-way stop.
4. Continue forward & turn left at 3-way stop onto San Francisco St.
5. Continue forward to 4-way stop at Mountain View Dr. & turn left into San Francisco Parking Garage  (P96B)

Parking Instructions

Please park in the San Francisco Parking Garage (P96B) and then walk to HRM, Bldg #33 at the corner of San Francisco St and McCreary.  A parking voucher will be issued to you by HRM prior to your departure.  You will use this to pay for your parking as you leave the garage.

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Employer Campus Spotlight Visits


In order to provide you the opportunity to interact with our students, please avoid May through August and Thanksgiving through Mid January.


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