Hospitality Employers


You can take an active part of the education and enrichment of the future movers and shakers in the Hospitality Industry. There are so many ways to get involved. We suggest a few here, but we'd love to hear your ideas as well. Let's Talk.

How SHRM students might fit with you


We know you will find the experience of having one of our students as an intern for a semester as a win-win situation.

More about internship possibilities

Faculty Externships

Work Experience

Our students are required to have 1200 hours of work experience before they graduate. Your openness to hiring our students leads to a win-win for you and for them.

Guest lecturing

Our faculty are always open to having you provide that Real World experience to augment their academic lectures.

On-campus recruitment

We encourage you to come to SHRM and spend some time interacting with our students in a variety of ways - info sessions, meet-n-greets, info/display tables, interviews, class visits, etc -  so that you can get a feel for your establishment's next Best and Brightest.

Sponsorships of extracurricular travel opportunities

Trips to places like the Four Seasons-Toronto.

Sponsorships to cover travel expenses for students going to off-campus internships and work experiences, like plane tickets to Four Seasons, Hawaii.

Particpation in fundraising events

There are two main events during the academic year whose proceeds specifically benefit the SHRM student scholarship fund. We plan these hoping your participation is enjoyable; your take-away is knowing that you have contributed to a worthy cause.

Casino Night

Golf Tournament

Schedule a visit

We'd love for you to come to campus and feel first-hand the energy our students have. We can discuss what makes a good fit for our students and what might fit for you and your organization. Let's Talk or e-mail