Summer Study Abroad

Summer Study with a European Flair

We invite you to join us for a Summer Study in Europe.
June 7–July 11, 2014

Six credits, hundreds of field hours,
Five weeks in Europe…
Jump start your future.

Be a part of one of the most exciting, educational, and personally rewarding experiences imaginable.

The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University offers you a chance to earn college credit while living and traveling in Europe.

Study at NAU Partner Schools in The Netherlands and Switzerland. Learn about Europe–the people, the customs, the nature of the European hospitality industry–while traveling throughout the continent.

"During this trip I was in the shoes of a real traveler. Hearing three different languages in one day and figuring out unfamiliar city after unfamiliar city helped me learn more than I ever could about a true traveler’s wants and needs and, as a worker in hospitality, how I could fulfill them."
–Anna Stadmiller, 2012 Study in Europe participant

"You can only learn so much in a classroom; for everything else you need to travel and learn from first hand experiences. That’s exactly what this program offers you."
–Kyle Decker, 2012 Study in Europe participant

"My summer in Europe opened my eyes to the great adventures the world has to offer. I could not have imagined a better way to learn about foreign hospitality than through traveling and meeting new people along the way."
–Kevin Regan, 2012 Study in Europe participant

- "I will never forget the summer I spent under the hot European sun chasing trains and finding myself."
–Nicole Gingg, 2011 Study in Europe participant

Learn more about this life-changing experience:
Dr. Paul Wiener
(928) 523-9955 or

Apply online at the Center for International Education HERE.

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