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We prepare professionals for an industry that loves change – one where mergers and re-branding are a way of life.

Our graduates have an internal toolbox of skills and attitudes that help them adapt and thrive. They think in terms of keeping service fresh and lively. Our recruiters like that.

As prospective students or potential industry partners, we invite you to become a part of this dynamic program. The Hospitality Leadership students created their "Oath of Hospitality Professionals." It will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of the commitment you will be making to the SHRM program and the Hospitality Industry Worldwide. Download the Oath HERE.

  • From the Kitchen
    From the Kitchen

    From the Kitchen

    Mise en place, a French term meaning everything in its place, is one of the pillars on which Chef Mark Molinaro is building his curriculum. Our From the Kitchen page showcases a growing resource created by our Chef.

  • The SHRM Connection
    The SHRM Connection

    The SHRM Connection

    Alumni agree that a highlight of their school experience is their feeling that faculty and staff cared and connected with them all the way through the program.

  • Excellence in Hospitality Preparation
    Excellence in Hospitality Preparation

    Excellence in Hospitality Preparation

    In-House events such as the SHRM Hospitality Fair are just one of the ways we bring employer connection opportunities to our students.

  • Events


    Throughout the year, fund raising events not only strengthen the SHRM student's scholarship opportunities, but they strengthen the bonds we make with the greater SHRM community as well.

Match your interest in hospitality with your career

Opportunities in a growing industry

Innovative curriculum

High-caliber faculty and staff

Opportunities for growth outside of the classroom

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  • NAU SHRM Mission Statement

    To provide outstanding and accessible learning experiences that prepare our diverse student body for:

    • Successful hospitality service management careers.
    • Responsible citizenship and productive leadership.
    • Life-long learning and personal fulfillment.

    To anticipate and respond to the educational and training needs of the Arizona Hospitality Industry.

    To increase educational resources for program support and grants.

    To improve the quality of life for all associated with the school.

    To improve the quality of life for all associated with the school