Summer Study Abroad 2011

Paul Wiener, associate professor, and Kathleen King, lecturer, accompanied the students to Europe during summer 2011. In June, Weiner touched bases with us to share the experiences his students were having in the program.

"The International Hotel Management Academy at NHTV is in a neighborhood where the streets are named for composers. The school is on Sibeliuslaan. They had a contest to name the restaurant, and "Sibelicious" won. Sibelious composed a lot for violin, so the logo combines the curves of the violin, fork, and a woman's body.

Andy von Tilborg, one of the Chef-instructors at NHTV took some great photos and shared them with us here.

Paul goes on to write "We just had an excursion to the world's smallest vineyard, FARINET."

Sun 6/5/2011

We had classes M-T-W last week, then the students had some travel time, back to Beeda tonight. All of them choose Paris, but some stopped in Brussels first.

We have classes through Thursday morning this week, then they travel again. I suspect next weekend's travel will be more diverse.

The culinary day we had at NHTV's Academy of International Hotel Management went very well and was a lot of fun. They spent the morning in the kitchen (pics on website), ate the lunch they prepared, then had lectures in the afternoon.

We have a good group, and we're off to a great start!