SHRM Fellowships

Seize the opportunity to carve your place in a Hospitality Career

This SHRM fellowship program consists of the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management partnering with hospitality employers to provide SHRM students who have 2-3 academic years before graduation a paid opportunity to work 3 terms. The student will progressively develop company knowledge, depth in skills sets and leadership/supervisory learning. This program will help to create your professional portfolio. The goal is to provide employers the opportunity to groom selected participants for a supervisory/management position fulltime and for graduates to obtain fulltime career employment.

In this video playlist below, Jim Southern shares his SHRM Fellowship Experience:

Who is eligible to apply for a Fellowship?

The minimum qualifications for program are…

  • Degree seeking HRM major only
  • Paid a reasonable hourly wage
  • 3.0 GPA based on unofficial transcript
  • Fellowship only with participating employers
  • Selections based on application w/ interview process by HRM committee & employer involved.
  • 3 terms, each at various credit levels with additional online classes based on student need.
  • May require an additional class during regular semesters or summers to graduate within 4 years

Selections based on application with interview process by HRM committee & employer involved. For full eligibility requirements, click HERE.

What this might look like for you

3 semesters with a particular hotel/resort or restaurant OR
3 semesters with a particular hospitality company in various restaurants or hotel/resort locations

For an overview of what semesters might look like, click HERE.