SHRM Ambassadors

The SHRM Ambassadors are students majoring in hospitality who act as liaisons between NAU-The W. A. Franke College of Business School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (SHRM) and current and prospective students and their parents. They are an enthusiastic group who want to help make your SHRM experience a great one. Learn a little more about each of our Ambassadors in their bios below.

SHRM Student Ambassadors are available for SHRM students to use as a resource, assisting them with various aspects of their experiences at SHRM such as class overrides, scholarship paperwork, and more.

They also give tours of the building to prospective students as well as Discover NAU (DNAU) tours, help plan events like the hospitality career fair, and are the voice of students in SHRM.

What can the Ambassadors help with?

Jessica Dimas

Elise Sanneman

Stephanie Sorensen