Banfi Vintners Scholastic Tour of Italy

The Banfi Foundation has made a generous gift to the NAU HRM Foundation to pay all expenses (airfare, hotels, all meals, all tours, wine, and instruction) for one HRM students and one faculty member on an 8-day guided tour of Italy. NAU is one of the 12 hospitality programs participating in the program.

The Tour begins Saturday, June 1, 2013 with a flight to Milan, Italy and returning from Rome, Italy on Sunday, June 9, 2013. The Tour will visit wineries, vineyards, olive oil, cheese and pasta production facilities, restaurants, a cooking lesson, and visits to the cities of Florence, Siena, Montalcino, and Rome.

Selection Process

Recipients will be selected by a HRM Faculty Committee, chaired by Professor Rande. We are looking for students that will represent the school well, and show a genuine interest in the wine, food and culture of Italy.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Applicants must be registered for a minimum of nine (9) semester hours during spring semester and be a declared Hospitality or IHM major at NAU prior to Fall 2012.
2. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.00 or better. Applicants must submit an unofficial transcript with their application packet.
3. Applicants must have successfully completed HA 340 Bar and Beverage and HA 499 Wine Basics. Preference will be given to students that have completed both courses.

Application Procedure

Application for the 2013 Tour can be found outside Professor Rande's office, room 129.

The Banfi Scholastic Tour of Italy Application

Background Information:

    * Name
    * Contact Information [phone and email]
    * HRM Major
    * Anticipated date of graduation
    * NAU Grade Point Average and GPA for HRM courses [include NAU transcripts ].
    * NAU beverage courses completed or currently enrolled and grade for each course.
    * Semester(s) you were enrolled in HA beverage courses
    * NAU honors, scholarships or awards
    * NAU organizations, societies, or clubs [including leadership roles]
    * NAU internships
    * Work experience in Hospitality
    * Other information to support the application
    * At least two HRM faculty / administrators who will serve as references
    * Future employment plans

Student Profile: Applicants should complete the following profiles; Each of the following topics should be addressed in essay style, a paragraph or two for each bullet point.

Profile Topics:

    * What was your most memorable wine experience?
    * What do you feel you can add to the trip experience?
    * What do you hope to gain from the 2011 Banfi Vintners Scholastic Tour?
    * How will the tour experience benefit your future employers?
    * Why should we choose you over the other applicants?

General Topics

    * What is the history and background of Banfi Vintners?
    * Explain the relationship between Italian wine and cuisine.

Winners will be notified in early December. The scholarship will be awarded at the HRM Honor’s Convocation.

For more information about the tour and photographs of the participants from last year’s tours from other schools, go to

Please Note: Winning applicants will be responsible to secure a passport at their own expense. Participants that are not US citizens are responsible to obtain the appropriate visas from the Italian Government. While Banfi covers most of the expenses of the trip you are responsible; personal expenses, food and drink not consumed with the group, souvenirs, etc.