Pathways to Professional Leadership


SHRM Pathways are seminars, discussions, and events designed to help our students build skills pertaining to academic success, development both professionally and personally, and to equip them with knowledge that will aid them in applying for and attaining management positions and/or internship placement.


  • Academic Success:
    • Improve study skills
    • Teach students time management
    • Teach students to take advantage of opportunities for academic success in our program/at NAU
  • Professional and Personal Development
    • Build and improve soft skills      
    • Create an environment where students learn the value of teamwork
    • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Job Placement
    • Sharpen interviewing and résumé skills
    • Help students learn the importance of appearance
    • Give students knowledge about different aspects of the hospitality and restaurant management industry that will help them as they receive job placement in the future


Students who are in the 2015-2016 Academic Catalog and beyond are required to complete 8 Pathway Events before graduation. Students who are in the Academic Catalogs before 2015-2016 are required to complete 6 Pathway Events before graduation.

Examples of Past Pathway Events

  • Club Night: An event designed to encourage our students to become active members in  HRM Clubs (students hear a 15 minute presentation about a club they are interested in joining)
  • Resume Review: Hosted by the Gateway Student Success Center, this event was created to help students sharpen their resumes, organize the content on their resumes, and create a professional looking resume in preparation for the HRM Career Fair
  • NYPD Pizza Pathway: an event devoted to helping students who are interested in restaurant management learn about leadership in the restaurant industry; day included lunch, a tour of the restaurant, and a one-on-one session with Rich Stark
  • Darden Pathway: A discussion where the recruiters from Darden Restaurants discussed appropriate dress and interviewing tips in preparation for the HRM Career Fair