Internship Information

Want to find out what the hospitality industry has to offer beyond the classroom? Learning is made Real on the job. So providing opportunities to our students for internships with one of our outstanding partners is a strong focus for us.

Hear about it from students who have experienced these opportunities.

How to Apply for HA408 enrollment

To request an internship:



Submit it your application to Suzanne Siler

Application deadlines:

  • Summer 2014 - May 10, 2014
  • Fall 2014 - August 15, 2014

Internship FAQ's

Q: How do I fit these into my 4-year plan for graduation?

A: Full internships are done either with a semester off of academic studies or during the summer hiatus.

If you do take a semester off and can't cover that coursework in the summer or with a heavier semester load, then it will delay graduation by that amount of time.

But, we feel it is worth it in achieving the long term career goals and will put you in a stronger position for post graduation job placement.

Q: If I don't do an internship in Flagstaff, how do I pay living expenses?

There are a number of internship opportunitites right here in Flagstaff through valued partners.  If you do decide to apply for an internship outside of Flagstaff, then living expenses will most likely be on your own.

A few of our valued internship partners