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SHRM Career Services encourages students of all grade levels to stop by or start browsing to begin their career search in hospitality. Graduating with a great career path in hospitality takes many semesters of preparation, planning, and networking. Beginning as freshmen, consider each semester a building block to achieving your first career postition upon graduation.

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  • NAU Career Services Pinterest-Networking

    NAU Career Services Pinterest-Networking: Professional associations are great places to connect with working professionals at all levels. Website HERE.

  • NAU Career Services Pinterest-What to Wear

    NAU Career Services Pinterest-What to Wear: Professional dress recommendations for all styles and professional occasions plus links to related pinterest boards! Website HERE.

  • The Smart Axe Guide - How to Become a LinkedIn Guru

    The Smart Axe Guide-LinkedIn: Build a strong, professional online footprint using the power of LinkedIn, but never forget that it is a professional networking site. Website HERE.

  • Using Body Language

    Using Body Language: Say What You Mean. Body language makes all the difference in how you are perceived by people. Learn more in this Infographic HERE...

  • Job Interviewing 101

    Job Interviewing 101: How to succeed in any interview situation? Read your interviewer and win the job! Learn more in this Infographic HERE...

  • What to Wear for an Interview

    How to Dress for an Interview: First impressions have a lasting effect on employers. Learn more about what to wear and what NOT to wear to an interview in this Infographic HERE...

  • Anatomy of a Job Interview

    Anatomy of a Job Interview: a look at the essential parts and pieces in impressing your future employer. Make that 90-second first impression count! Learn more in this Infographic HERE...

  • The Anatomy of an Outstanding Resume

    The Anatomy of an Outstanding Résumé. It seems companies are more interested in personality than immediate goals... Infographic HERE.

  • Spice Up Your Resume

    Spice Up Your Resume: A ton of tips from the most pleasing fonts to tips and tricks for online resumes, video resumes, and tips for an employer-friendly online presence. Infographic HERE...

  • Choosing a Career

    Choosing a Career: What factors go into choosing a career? Explore possible motivators over a 10-year span in this Infographic HERE...

  • LinkedIn Boot Camp

    LinkedIn Boot Camp: LinkedIn is a useful tool for personal marketing, and this infographic will help you to use it to it’s full potential. Infographic HERE...

  • Relocation Station

    Relocation Station: What happens when the jobs you get take you outside of your home? Relocation is never easy, and not everyone is accepting these far away offers. Infographic HERE...