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SHRM Career Services encourages students of all grade levels to stop by or start browsing to begin their career search in hospitality. Graduating with a great career path in hospitality takes many semesters of preparation, planning, and networking. Beginning as freshmen, consider each semester a building block to achieving your first career postition upon graduation.

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You should understand why and how to dress professionally, especially for your interviews. To help you with these expectations, review our Student's Guide to Professional Dress presentation HERE.

Useful Apps

Here are a few cell phone apps that help you with those challenging wardrobe tasks that can make the difference as you dress appropriately for your interview.

How to Tie a Tie Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes...by ArtelPlus

How to Tie a Tie - Android Apps on Google Play by ArtelPlus

Scarf Fashion Designer Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the...by ArtelPlus

How to Tie a Scarf - Android Apps on Google Play by ArtelPlus

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Successful Interviewing

From the Trenches

To follow are stories shared by our employers about their Best / Worst  interactions with an interviewee.

Best: “I have really researched your firm and went to your office tour. I am really impressed by your culture and want to work for [your firm]”.

–Accounting Firm Representative

Worst: Someone came in for an office interview. Our receptionist asked if he needed something to drink, etc. She then asked if he was nervous. He said he was not. Trying to make him feel comfortable, she commented that she would be nervous. He fired back “that is why you are back there and I am out here!” Very haughty. His interview was effectively over before it started.

–Accounting firm Representative

Worst: “My husband wants me to ‘take’ this job so we can travel together.” Tourism Sales Representative

–Tourism Sales Representative

Best: It really impresses me when an interviewee does their homework on the company and knows about the position for which they applied. If they can name off all 10 of our core values and relate them to their lives without asking the question, it’s a huge advantage for them.

–Insurance Industry Representative

Worst: We had an interviewee who missed their interview appointment. I called him to make sure there wasn’t an emergency or valid reason for missing the appointment. He was actually upset that I “Did not call him that morning to remind him to come interview.” I politely told him we were no longer interested in interviewing him since I really didn’t want to have to call him every morning to “remind him” to come to work.

–Insurance Industry Representative

Best: A candidate had come in and had done their homework – they knew the company and told me how they would fit with the culture – what products etc. they liked.

–Retail Representative

Worst: Someone said they only dressed up because it was their fraternity Thursday dress up day! Students don’t always research companies beforehand.

–IT Industry Representative

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  • Relocation Station

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