Current Students

We value our students and our relationships with them. You will feel it in your interactions with your faculty, the people who run the offices, and every day in the halls. We provide a comfortable culture within which you can succeed.

Employers make the real world training a strong and vital component of our Hotel and Restuarant Management program. You will be an integral part of shaping the minds of future members of the hospitality industry.

Resource Highlights

Business Leadership Program (BLP)

Leadership is the art and science of getting others to do what they would otherwise not do. Over the course of three years (beginning with the sophomore year) the BLP helps students learn to lead. Additional information on the BLP program HERE.

Professionalism Recognition Program (PRP)

The Professionalism Recognition Program (PRP) is a unique opportunity for Business and Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) majors to distinguish themselves by developing and demonstrating professional qualities in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. Find out more about the PRP program HERE.

Employer/Recruitment Exposure

We foster relationships with hospitality industry leaders who come to HRM to recruit, guest lecture, provide internships and work experience.

While they make campus visits throughout the academic year, they formally take part in the HRM Hospitality Career Fair.

Check the calendar of events for recruitment activity each semester.

Support Beyond the Classroom

Academic/Career Mentoring
We want to see you succeed while you are here, but then you move forward in life. We know our students by name. We come to know your strengths and will suggest opportunities that may be a good fit for you while you are in the program and for employment upon graduation.

Academic Advising Office
Charting your academic course can be daunting, especially as you begin your college life so we have two dedicated staff members who can help you along the way, Sharon Lovich and Alyssa Harmon. Quick link to the Progression Plans HERE, under Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Internships and Career Services
Let your hospitality career begin here with internships and career development being a part of building a resume that differentiates you from your peers.
Suzanne Siler, Program Director

HRM Ambassadors
The HRM Ambassadors are students majoring in hospitality who act as liaisons between HRM and current and prospective students and their parents. They are an enthusiastic group who want to help make your HRM experience a great one. Learn more about our HRM Ambassadors HERE.

We encourage you to get involved in an HRM student organization. Involvement in student activities is a great way to network with other students and industry leaders, build valuable leadership experience, and have fun! Join us for Club Night, at the beginning of each semester, when you can learn more about each organization. List of current HRM Clubs.