Room Descriptions

HRM East will feature a variety of learning environments. Here are a few "moments" captured in some of them.

Demonstration Kitchen

Demonstration kitchen

This is a signature room in the repurposed HRM East, our showcase. The glass encased kitchen laboratory is designed to provide students, parents and other guests passing by an unencumbered view of the facility in operation. This room is centrally located in a heavy traffic area with high visibility. The facility has equipment for the lab instructor to use for demonstration purpose and eight individual stations, each occupied by four students for their hands-on training.

The room is equipped with a closed circuit camera and viewing screen allowing the lab instructor to zoom in on demonstrations to give each student a clear view. The variety of state-of-the-art equipment will allow for demonstration of all cooking techniques.

Each of the student stations is equipped with induction burner plates, preparation table, electric mixer, and prep sinks. Each student station has a corresponding equipment closet containing pots and pans, knives, cutting boards, processing equipment, and assorted small wares necessary for the hands-on training.

Hospitality Management Lab

Front Office, Guest Relations, and Housekeeping redering

The Hospitality Management Lab focuses on the application of software packages for the lodging industry. The 32 computer stations are dedicated to guest management systems in the hotel industry, from reservations to final check-out and billing. Instruction in the housekeeping side of the business includes room design, room maintenance, and asset protection.

This lab is also used in other coursework ranging from accounting to senior seminars. This is the hub of the lodging side of our curriculum.

Multipurpose / Fireplace Room

Fireside student lounge rendering

This space is the signature student area in the building. Many of the components of the original Inn at NAU lobby and fireside area have been retained, including the fireplace. The fireside area itself features soft seating where students can relax, study, read the newspaper or meet informally.

Adjacent to the fireside area is an area configured like a coffee shop, with café-style seating. Banks of windows on the south side brighten the area. This room could also be used for formal meetings. It is hoped that the students will make this the centerpiece of the renovation.

The Commons / Café

The Commons

The Commons is near the main entrance to the building and adjacent to the Multi-Purpose/ Fireplace room, so will have high visibility and traffic.

Banks of windows on the south side brighten the area. Access to the patio is on the south side of the building where students can relax outside.

The room is furnished with movable high top and low top tables and chairs to accommodate different types of seating arrangements and to allow for flexible use of the space.

This is also be the location of the student-run coffee bar, another component that will increase popularity of the area. Student groups will have the opportunity to raise funds for their organizations by operating the coffee bar. Operating the coffee bar in the Commons will prepare students to work with Jazzman’s and Starbucks stores on campus.

The Patio Area

The Patio Area

The patio area is a large outdoor space adjacent to the Commons and Demonstration Kitchen. The windows in both of those rooms look out over the Patio area, with ready access to the patio.

The Patio includes an area covered with brick pavers, along with inviting grassy areas where students and faculty will be able to relax in the lawn furniture and under several trees preserved during the renovation process.

Adjacent to the Patio, the Commons Area includes a coffee bar operated by HRM student groups (providing a fundraising opportunity for those groups). Coffee and beverage service will encourage faculty and students use of the Commons Area and Patio as meeting space and areas to enhance opportunities for interaction outside the classrooms.

The Patio will provide meeting space for student work groups and may also be used to host various receptions for the School.


The Drury Hotel Classroom

As in any academic facility, the fundamental activity in the building is classroom instruction. There will be two main classrooms—one seating approximately 46 students and one seating approximately 48 students. These rooms are where many of the core classes will be taught.

Each room is equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-media lectern. Both rooms have furnishings that emphasize and enhance student learning. These are the two largest classrooms in the entire HRM complex, yet are still small in comparison to many other classrooms across campus—students will still be able to easily interact with the faculty and each other.

Small Group Room / Breakout Room

Small Group Room

There are two eight-person small group rooms centrally located on either side of the Hospitality Management lab. This is a heavy traffic area with high visibility due to proximity to the hallway.

The purpose of these rooms is to facilitate the interaction that often takes place among students and faculty outside of the classroom. These rooms are a place for students and faculty to work, converse, and regroup in-between or during classes, lectures, or events.

These rooms will provide yet another opportunity to support the community for which HRM is so well known.

Dining Room/Beverage Lab

Dining and Bar Classroom

The Dining Room/Beverage Lab is located directly across from the demonstration kitchen lab. This multi-use facility is designed to serve several purposes; as the dining room for the kitchen lab classes, dining room for service classes, and beverage management lab that will facilitate instruction in beverage classes.

The atmosphere of the room will be designed to have the feel of a dining room rather than that of a standard classroom and can function in the training of proper table service as well as dining room and bar management. Students will have hands-on experience in the set-up of a dining room and bar, and learn how to structure a facility to deliver outstanding guest service in a traditional restaurant atmosphere.

Equipped with a full back bar and necessary equipment, the facility has the capability of serving as a classroom for lecture and demonstration in both beverage management classes and specialty classes in wines and beer.

The beverage management lab adds hands-on and demonstration components to the classes. Students benefit and are better prepared to begin their careers if they are able to participate in higher margin opportunities in the hospitality industry, such as the brewing and delivery process for craft beer, and perform the functions of a bartender. Students benefit from learning how to run a bar and dining room in a life-like environment.

The room is equipped with a closed circuit camera and viewing screen allowing the instructor to zoom in on demonstrations to give each student a clear view. The goal is to prepare students to manage these highly important components of the hospitality industry.

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

The seminar room seats 24 people and has a highly flexible seating configuration. Virtually any kind of meeting could be held in this room. There is also state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. This room is perfect for senior seminar and other classes where face-to-face interaction is critical.