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For more than 100 years, Northern Arizona University has served as the state's premier residential university. NAU faculty, students and alumni have been an integral part of Arizona’s economic and intellectual vitality. HRM is recognized internationally as a leading provider of student-focused hospitality education.

We have accomplished this by creating an environment that prepares students to make immediate and ongoing contributions in the hospitality industry. We maintain an innovative curriculum responsive to changes in the industry, along with strong ties to our industry partners through which students gain access to internships and other experiential learning opportunities, faculty remain actively engaged in the hospitality industry, and employers recruit our graduates. The high level of faculty-student interaction and team based classroom experiences result in well trained hospitality professionals, with classroom learning augmented by a strong internship program and the requirement that students complete 1,200 hours of professional training in a hospitality business prior to graduation.

HRM  continues to face competitive challenges to its role as a hospitality education leader. Today, the most significant challenge to our ability to maintain and enhance our tradition of excellence is the need to provide a facility that will meet the current and foreseeable needs of our faculty and students in the 21st century. Our commitment to the future requires that we act now to provide a flexible and effective learning and teaching environment, with facilities that meet the unique demands of a leading hospitality program.

In 2010, HRM embarked on an unprecedented partnership among all of the School’s stakeholders to create such a facility. Plans became reality in April 2011: a modern building with innovative features that will allow us to improve the quality of education we offer.

Letter from Marc Chopin, former dean, 2011

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