Jurowski Published: Demystifying Theories in Tourism Research

Now Published!

Demystifying Theories in Tourism Research, a book with two chapters written by Professor Claudia Jurowski (Chapters 11 and 14), has just been published by Cabi. Chapter 11 is titled: "Theoretical Perspectives on Tourism and Sustainable Community Development." Chapter 14 is titled: "Theoretical Perspectives on Environmental Attitudes and Travel Choices."

Main Description [quoted from cabi.org]

It often seems that there is more confusion than consensus regarding tourism theory. Does tourism have theories it can truly own, or does it just borrow from other academic disciplines? It can be difficult to understand the theories and conceptual frameworks available, and how to apply these ideas to a research endeavour. This book reviews theoretical perspectives on tourism from planning and management, through marketing and host communities to the tourism consumers themselves. Covering issues such as tour guiding, rural tourism development and destination image, it provides a complete guide to the industry. Including pedagogical features throughout, this book is an accessible approach to a controversial subject.

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Cabi's stated mission is "Improving lives by solving problems in agriculture and the environment," which dovetails with Jurowski's research emphasis. Read "Sustainable Tourism Becomes Jurowski's Life's Work" HERE.

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