Cooking with Wine by Mark Molinaro

WineMaker Magazine
Issue: Feb/Mar 2016

Cooking with Wine

One of the cornerstones of French cuisine, of course, is wine – paired with food as well as used in cooking. Wine can create flavor in your food in a number of different ways, in anything from delicate butter sauces to hearty braised meats. If you have your own homemade wine on hand, don't just look at it as something for the glass – think of it as something for your plate as well. A good rule of thumb is to use wines, or the style of wines, that match the ingredients or recipe of the dish you are cooking. If you're not making a dish from any particular place, you can also cook your food with the wine you plan to serve (or something similar to what you're serving if the table wine is rare or expensive). Just as when choosing grapes or juice to make wine, don't use flawed wine for cooking – if you don't want to drink it, you won't want to eat it either. Madeline Puckette, the author of Wine Folly, has an easy to follow guide on her website that can help you make a decision:

As the Chef-Lecturer of Northern Arizona University's School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, I work with an award-winning faculty and modern facilities to train thoughtful and passionate students. I was recently asked by the university president to push our teaching methods into engaging, meaningful experiences, so I had an idea to take students on a food and beverage journey through France. After returning, I came up with three recipes using wine that are inspired by my trip, which I am sharing with you.

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