Collins: Vendor Gifts at Indian Trails Country Club: An ethical dilemma


Tom LaFranz, the general manager of a country club, accepted gifts from vendors who significantly increased their prices, negatively affecting the club’s profitability. The club’s board of directors and parent-company executives grapple with Tom’s seemingly unethical behavior in the absence of conduct standards. This case study scenario addresses a common dilemma, from both a legal and ethical perspective, and factors that affect how it may be interpreted and evaluated. It also illuminates the importance of having a well-understood code of ethics to help employees recognize and appropriately deal with situations that may pose a conflict of interest.

Collins, G.R. (2016).  Vendor Gifts at Indian Trails Country Club: An ethical dilemma. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases, 2(1): 30-37.

Key Words: ethics, gifts, kickbacks, ethical theories, code of ethics, hospitality

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