Collins Releases His 8th Edition of Hospitality Information Technology

Professor Galen Collins (bio) released the eighth edition (2017) of his technology book, Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use It. This edition comes with a comprehensive web site for both students and instructors. The new integrated website includes a variety of instructor and students resources  including quizzes, chapter review questions, test banks, assignments, flash cards on key terms, PowerPoint® presentations, tutorials, videos, links to articles, an interactive glossary, interactive learning activities, pre-tests/post-tests, case studies, assignments, spreadsheet exercises, etc..


The hospitality industry is quickly becoming automated, leading to greater efficiency, better customer service, and ultimately, increased profits. As a result, it is imperative that a person entering the hospitality business be familiar with the technology propelling it forward. Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use It is designed to meet that challenge. Students and industry professionals will be exposed to the computer applications that make hospitality businesses run smoothly, how they work, and how they should be managed to optimize system performance and maximize revenue. Hospitality Information Technology starts with the basics of computer information systems, and then goes further into details about how these systems work in various areas of the hospitality industry.

This edition offers a new chapter on Automation and Robotics in the Hospitality Industry.

Topics include:

Computer-based Information Systems: how they are used to empower hospitality organizations.

Networks and Security: how to prevent computer and network failures, optimize hardware and Wi-Fi performance, and minimize security threats (e.g., PCI compliance).

Restaurant and Lodging Technology Systems: how to use and interpret reports generated by these systems: point-of-sale, inventory control, menu management, property management and reservations, distribution channels, revenue management, and sales and catering.

Accounting Information Systems: how to construct and operate an accounting information system and ensure that data and information are reliable, confidential, and secure through internal controls and auditing technologies.

Automation and Robotics: how emerging technologies are influencing and reshaping hospitality business models.

Other Key Topics: selecting and implementing hospitality information systems, guest-centric technologies, Internet and social media impacts, technology strategies, data mining and analytics, and project management.


Some of the book adopters include Penn State, University of Central Florida, University of Alabama, University of Auburn, University of South Florida, Eastern Michigan University, Trident Technical College, Beacon College, and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria.

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